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Yoga Pod Boulder, Welcome to your yoga home!


When I walked into the Yoga Pod in Boulder a few weeks ago I was greeted by three smiling faces behind the front desk. Wow! I could tell right away that I wasn’t just walking into a new yoga studio but a new yoga home. Experiencing an immediate connection to your teachers and the people around you is so important. Why? Because it’s a place where I become vulnerable on my mat and working my practice (If i’m doing it right) and we all wonder if our class is a safe place or if it’s free of judgment. Yoga Pod is. The teachers accommodate my exploration and individual freedom within the guidelines of what they are teaching. The experience is an organic one and is not forced but intimate and joyful.
The Boulder Yoga Pod is A place to experience self expression along side some really wonderful people who are dedicated to learning and exploring on their mat. It offers a variety of teachers and classes but the magic to this beautiful studio is not just the mountains in the vista but the community feel that I didn’t expect. It’s an added bonus that happened almost instantly. I’ve already made friends and really feel like i’ve found my yoga home. Thanks, Yoga Pod. ~Kristina :-)

Kristina Graber